Fuel Stabilizer

The biggest known issue with the SportClassic line of Ducati motorcycles is the “spreading tank”. This is where the fuel tank, made of a plastic/fiberglass material, starts to slightly get larger when ethanol is present in gasoline. California has been using ethanol in your regular gas station fuel in order to curb vehicle emissions. However, this wrecks havoc to non-metallic fuel components like plastic or fiberglass.

The boating and marine industry has been battling to maintain the reliability of their boats by adding fuel additives in order to stop the effects of ethanol on marine fuels systems.

So I thought – why don’t I use it, too?

STA-BIL 22239 Marine Fuel Stabilizer

So far, it’s working.  It has been two days in the tank and so far. The tank has stopped spreading and is going back to its original shape, little by little. The front rubber snubs are starting to seat into the mounting cups.

Engine performance has not suffered.

‘ll be riding out in the sun over the weekend and I’ll report back on how the SoCal sun and heat affects the tank and fuel stabilizer.

Hopefully positive results.

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  1. How is the STA-BIL working in your tank? I have a 2009 Biposto and saw a link to your blog on the Ducati.ms forum. My tank is starting to spread as well and have the Ducati shim kit in place at the moment – 19DUC04

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