The Summer 09 West Coast Ride and Drinking Event

It’s almost here!  I’ve got my gear packed and ready to go.   Just need my traveling partner, Larry, to come over and drop off his Triumph so I can load up the trailer.

I might be posting an occasional picture or two if I get Internet access.

I’m so stoked.

Gearing up for Santa Cruz

It’s almost time, kiddies.

Next week I’ll be heading up to Santa Cruz to meet up with fellow Ducati SportClassic owners from across the USA and Canada to enjoy some beautiful scenery, talk about how fast we are, and drink beer.

I’ve got the trailer, tools, and riding gear ready to go.  I also have created the assets for the production video of the trip and all I need is the footage.

I’ll keep you all posted.

New banner

Just changed the banner to this blog.   The new picture on the right is my motocycle with my daughter’s.  😀

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