There. I fixed it.

A couple weeks ago, I was doing laps at Autoclub Speedway chasing Eric Bostrom.  On one of the laps I noticed a large piece of debris on the track. As I approached it at full throttle, I noticed that it was the rear cowl on MY BIKE! Yikes!

Somehow, it must have come off with all the windspeed and vibration. Also, probably from me sliding my butt around as I lean into the turns.


The tabs underneath with holes to pass threaded studs have snapped off. I drilled out holes in the cowl and in the seat so that I can Zip-tie them. Classy, I know.

But hey, it worked!  And it is better than the studs.  It’s not going anywhere.

I think I’m going to leave the scratchs in on the cowl.  It adds character. 🙂

Dainese Full Metal D-1 Gloves

I have been dying to get my hands into a set of these gloves for years. My main track gloves seem to be “salty” and becoming “crunchy”.  They aren’t torn or coming apart at the seams.  Just seeing their last days.  I’m keeping them for day cruising.  But I NEED TRACK GLOVES.

Dainese Full Metal D-1
imageWhen it comes to gloves, ya gotta go with “new”.  Used ones are hard to know how much life is left in them PLUS it’s kinda gross. Eww.

Not cheap. These are the highest quality and brand you can get. Take good care of them. They are very expen$ive.

I’m in the middle of break-in period for these gloves so it kinda hurts in the pinky (right hand) from the controls activities you need to perform on a motorcyle.  It’s getting there.

image image

SIDI Mag-1 Boots

So I have SIDI Vortice boots that I have been trashing (and crashing) at the track.  I’ll wear them going up Angeles Crest Hwy.  But eventually, I need to walk in them.  The soles are worn through and the toe sliders are toast.

It’s time to get new boots!image

I was so happy with the SIDI that I decided to get a newer model: SIDI Mag-1

Verrrry impressed!!  SIDI made a great boot even mo’ better.  It’s lighter, more ventilation, and I can feel the foot controls better.  It’s also more “dextrerous” and flexable but rigid.  It can wear these boots all day.

I recommend this boot.

“You’re gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.”

AGV GP-Tech Valentino Rossi “Elements”

Amazing helmet!  I already own an AGV GP Tech Marco Simoncelli and it’s the same fitment and function. image

One thing I notice while on the track is that it seems that I wear the helmet a bit low on the face/cheekpads. It reduces my upper field of vision, especially in high-G turns. So, I added some material to the upper liner to keep the helmet from sliding and in position. It worked!  I am between a small and x-small sizing.

I highly recommend this helmet!

Trackday Training with Eric Bostrom – Autoclub Speedway

IJune-25-2016-Fastrack Riders - Level 2 - Grid - ACS_7641_Jun2516_by_BR-CaliPhoto a had the best experience at Autoclub Speedway (June 25, 2016).    I had 1-1 training with the one-and-only Eric Bostrom.  I learned a lot of stuff.  Mainly riding position and letting go of fear. I kept going faster and faster.

Interesting to note that he also made pointers regarding the way the SportClassic likes to be ridden.


He called it the “tractor” effect.  I refer to it as Mario Kart. (lol)  shoot style of naviagting through turns.

The bike was performing flawless.


I also was fortunate enough to have former racer John Hilton there.  His approach was different but nonetheless, valuable. I had a 2-for-1 that day!


Bostrom said that the SportClassic is a neutral bike, so enter the turn fast, lean it over, maintain speed to keep tires planted deep, and accellerate as you go through.  Seems kinda contradictory but it worked!

Capture 04

Best of all, I had my dad and great freinds there to support me!


Commuter Girl

Hi. I like your bike. I like your style.

I see we share the same road.

I wonder what else we can share.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, commuting.



2014 Run for the Roses

Went on my yearly New Years Eve “Run for the Roses” ride with the So Cal Norton Club.  Basically a ride that meets up where the Rose Parade starts on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, CA and heads up Angeles Crest Hwy to Newcomb’s Ranch. Gorgeous day!

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