Dainese Full Metal D-1 Gloves

I have been dying to get my hands into a set of these gloves for years. My main track gloves seem to be “salty” and becoming “crunchy”.  They aren’t torn or coming apart at the seams.  Just seeing their last days.  I’m keeping them for day cruising.  But I NEED TRACK GLOVES.

Dainese Full Metal D-1
imageWhen it comes to gloves, ya gotta go with “new”.  Used ones are hard to know how much life is left in them PLUS it’s kinda gross. Eww.

Not cheap. These are the highest quality and brand you can get. Take good care of them. They are very expen$ive.

I’m in the middle of break-in period for these gloves so it kinda hurts in the pinky (right hand) from the controls activities you need to perform on a motorcyle.  It’s getting there.

image image

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