Cafe Desmo at ProItalia

Good times!  Excellent showing of Italian motorcycles at Cafe Desmo at ProItalia. Vintage, Hooligan, Sport Classics, and Superbikes.

The day was bright and sunny…a bit humid.  I picked up a new pair of Sidi Power gloves before they sold them all. These are probably the best pair of gloves I have ever had. Ventilation is incredible and still made of leather.

Wifey and daughter visited me with wifey’s cousin.  They had a good time, too.

I entered my bike into the competition hoping I’d win another trophy in the same week but alas…

My Bike:

Buddies’ bikes:

Texas Loosey’s Bike Night

So I show up to this huge bike gathering at this nice cowboy/UglyCoyote-style restaurant called Texas Loosey’s last night and have a few drinks and food sponsored by Ed Hardy clothing.  Good stuff.  Lots of people there, too.  I went since it was two minutes from my house.

Next thing I know, the announcer is looking for the owner of a red Ducati with “Desmo” on the side.  I thought I had to move my bike but instead…. I won the Best Bike award!

I didn’t even know there was a contest!

Sweet!  I got a trophy and ladies taking pics with me.  Awww yeah.

Malibu – Pt. Magu

Headed out bright and early Saturday morning (Aug 15) to Malibu and the Rock Store via Las Flores Rd / Mulholland Hwy / Yerba Buena.  Awesome ride.  Small mishap by one of us boys where we low-sided in gravel at a turnout trying to stop.  DOH!  No personal injuries but the bike scratched its fairing. Very minor.

Not much in the way of photos this time but definately memorable.

Summer 09 SF Coast Ride – Report

That was fun!

The first day was pretty tough since I woke up about 3:30am to drive up the coast with the bike on the trailer.  Arrived in Watsonville, checked in, and met up with four others that wanted to go down to Big Sur.

Once in Big Sur, we waited to for the rest of the gang coming from the LA area to ride past us.  Shook hands, filled up with gas, and a big group of 12+ SportClassics roared up the California coastline to Santa Cruz.  We parked our bikes right at the boardwalk and had a few drinks at the bar and had dinner. It was absolutely great to put a face to the names!

Woke up early and rested.  Headed back to Santa Cruz for a huge group phot0.

We then split up into two groups.  Group A went on a loop around the Redwood forest to world famous Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline Hwy.  We then continued the drinking at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Group B went to Fort Bragg in the north, spent the night, and came back the next day.

I packed up the trailer, loaded the bike and went home.

It was a great time had by all.  Hope to see them all again.

A short video I made of the trip.

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