There. I fixed it.

A couple weeks ago, I was doing laps at Autoclub Speedway chasing Eric Bostrom.  On one of the laps I noticed a large piece of debris on the track. As I approached it at full throttle, I noticed that it was the rear cowl on MY BIKE! Yikes!

Somehow, it must have come off with all the windspeed and vibration. Also, probably from me sliding my butt around as I lean into the turns.


The tabs underneath with holes to pass threaded studs have snapped off. I drilled out holes in the cowl and in the seat so that I can Zip-tie them. Classy, I know.

But hey, it worked!  And it is better than the studs.  It’s not going anywhere.

I think I’m going to leave the scratchs in on the cowl.  It adds character. 🙂

Commuter Girl

Hi. I like your bike. I like your style.

I see we share the same road.

I wonder what else we can share.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, commuting.



Maintenance Time

Spent the whole day today giving my Duc a mani-pedi.

Mileage is 22,363 miles.

Changed the camshaft timing belts from Ca Cycleworks.  Set the tension frequency to 105Hz.

Changed the engine filter (K&N #153) and engine oil (Castrol Power RS 10-40w Fully Synthetic).$QV$

Clean and lubed the chain with Dupont Chain Saver. Still running the original, factory chain (22k miles!) and looks great. (Read Webbike’s review)

Four NGK spark plugs (DCPR8E gap 0.6 to 0.7mm)

The bike is very happy. 😀

Hi. I’m back.

Now the LA Galaxy won their 5th title, St. John Bosco HS Football honorably defended their National title, Seattle Seahawks are on track for a second Super Bowl, and Bayern Munich is firing on all cylinders, I’m ready to re-start my blog.

I got some new pics and topics to catch up.  BRB.


It’s been a while…

Wow. It’s been too long folks that I have posted anything.  I had to take a hiatus for a while.  Been through some major ACL surgery from a bad soccer accident, torn my shoulder in a spectacular crash at AutoClub Speedway, and dealing with a divorce.  It’s all past me now and I have time and the physical capacity to ride again.

Expect great things as I return!  Thanks for your patience. ~Randy

New NGK spark plugs

Just installed a fresh new set of plugs.  The old ones look good.  They had the slight burnt-orange / light black look on the electrode.

Now that I am using the Sta-Bil Marine fuel additive, I’m going to keep an eye on the way the fuel burns.

*Track day coming May 3rd at Willow Springs. I’ll look at the plugs there, too.

Still quiet…

The weather is much better. Sunny and 70’s but I haven’t had a chance to go out! Grrr.

Looking forward to this weekend. Maybe Malibu.

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