Fun with helmet

Instead of a ride report, I have a full-face helmet report with a bit of fun mixed in.

AGV K3 helmet

I’ve always been impressed with AGV’s line of helmets but never could bring myself to own a second high-end Italian helmet since I already own a Suomy Spec 1R Extreme – Anthracite Flowers. I have a small entourage of Scorpion EXO-400 and EXO-700 helmets that are really nice however I’ve always been craving AGVs. So I decided to go with AGV’s K3 line of helmets.

Just because this is AGV’s second-tier line of helmets, don’t let that fool you. The finish and fit of the helmet is far superior and at the same price-break as Scorpion and HJC.  Look out Scorpion and HJC – AGV is has it’s crosshairs on the $200 and lower market.

Again, the quality, fit, and finish is excellent.  Ventilation is excellent as expected from AGV.  One thing I noted was the smaller-than-usual neck roll at the back. It seems like this helmet was designed for the sportbike rider in mind. With my Ducati’s hyper-prone racing position (aka The Torture Rack), this helmet left me tons of room at the back of my neck to get into a proper racing position just like AGV’s Ti-Tech. That is a big plus!

Now that I have this excellent helmet, why would I want more? Well, the cafe racer in me was tapping on my shoulder saying “Psst. It needs a bit of flair”.

So with some checkered gas tank decals  that I had laying around, I took the stock black AGV K3 and had a little fun.



… just a litte fun while I was bored.  🙂

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