Another Raven Gets Schooled.

This time it is a Yamaha R1 Raven.  This one is pretty funny.

So I rode my bike to work and in my rear view mirrors I can see a motorcycle coming pretty fast up to the stop light.  …So I move over to make some room.

Light turns green and Tool-boy rides a wheelie for about a hundred feet.  This guy was the typical squid – jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt, and easily about 240 lbs.  His ass was so big it was swallowing the poor bike.

SO this tool speeds down the street over 70 mph to the next light and gets into the left turn lane.

I’m thinking that the people in cars are probably saying to themselves that motorcycle riders are jerks.  I just take my sweet time to the red light where tool-boy is waiting for the green arrow.

We wait….we wait…we wait for the green light.

Light turns green for me and the oncoming traffic.   Left turn arrow stays RED!  HAHA!

Raven gets schooled by the left turn arrow!

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