I killed a Raven

Not the Yamaha R1 Raven.  A real raven.

Fathers Day.  June 21 at approximately 9am heading eastbound on Ortega Highway.  A beautiful day, too.

Just minding my own business when on the right side of my vision I see a black bird coming right at me.  In a millisecond *WHAM!* it slams the the right side of my helmet – partially on the visor.

I look in my mirrors to see if it fell or flew away.  Nothing.

My riding buddy, Larry, following me is probably laughing real hard or scared that I got hurt.   I give him a thumbs-up that I’m OK and we keep going to Hell’s Kitchen.

At the stop, he tells me that he saw the bird swoop down on me from above and when it hit, a huge explosion of plumage was everywhere and the raven flopped onto the pavement.  A quick death.

I wish I had brought my camera for that.

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