Italian Bike Night (Update)

It was a nice sunny day in Newport Beach.  I saw the usual suspects at IBN.  Calvin, Sam, a couple of Desmosedicis, and a huge line for that cupcake place next door.  I brought my brother-in-law with me and gave him a heads-up on the (pretentious) Italian parking situation but – hey – that’s how we roll.

It was quite unusual to see a more than one (mine) Sport Classic out there.  There were four of them.  One Sport 1000, two GTs, and ’74 GT 750.  Nice!

Next stop, Portillo’s Bike Night in Buena Park.  It’s mostly a Yamaha V-Star Owners Club meeting.

…and I park at the end of the row away from the cruisers out of respect.  😛

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